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association data, inc. smartsource for home resale documents
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association data, inc. smartsource for home resale documents

ADI Technology

​​ADI SmartSource is state-of-the-art online software that puts control in the hands of management companies and community associations to deliver Core Reports including their Data and Documents needed in the sale, resale, financing and refinancing of home in community associations.

The advanced technical features of SmartSource, as well as our customer-focused software improvements and outstanding customer service, allow our Data Partners to streamline staffing, improve profitability, reduce expenses, and minimize liability in this important area.

Key Features of ADI SmartSource include:

• Leading edge, online technology

• Reports custom tailored to your individual needs

• 24/7 online accessibility

• Search and save options for key software Data
• Closing Inspection Module

• Compliance with lender, GSE & FHA requirements

• Easily accessible tech support

• Both Standard & Lender Specific Forms

• 3rd party payment option

• No specialized software installation needed

• Insurance agent access

• Detailed tracking:  Reports, Revenue, Admin Fees

• Insurance Tracking Module

• Management Metrics Reports, 15+ categories

• High security for online payments

• Clear separation of master/sub-association roles